Tuesday, April 15, 2014

O, my God, grant me five graces!

"If you can not soar up as high as Christ sitting on His throne,
behold Him hanging on His cross. Rest in Christ's Passion and live
willingly in His holy wounds." ~ Thomas à Kempis, Imitation of Christ
Angels Bearing Instruments of the Passion (detail from altarpiece) ~ Rogier van der Weyden (+1464)
"Oh, my God, through the precious Blood of Jesus
and His five wounds, 
grant me today five graces:  
the conversion of a sinner, 
the conversion of an unbeliever, 
the salvation of someone 
dying in peril of everlasting death; 
a vocation to the priesthood 
or to the religious life; 
 and, for some new soul, the grace 
of entering into 
and savoring the mystery of the Eucharist."

Prayer of Elisabeth Leseur (+1914)
Let us especially be mindful of and in prayer for the thousands of
Catechumens and Candidates who will fully enter the
Catholic Church and her sacramental life during the Easter Vigil.
John 10:10

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