Monday, April 28, 2014

This is the way - walk in it!

“When we work hard, we must eat well. What a joy, that you can receive Holy Communion often! It’s our life and support in this life.  Receive Communion often, and Jesus will change you into Himself.” - St Peter Julian Eymard

Eucharistic thoughts from three
'family members' on their FEAST DAY today...
St Louis de Montfort used to remain after Holy Mass for thanksgiving
at least a half hour, and he would not permit any need or assignment
to serve as a reason for omitting it.  He said, 
 "I would not give up this hour of thanksgiving
even for an hour of Paradise." 
St Louis de Montfort
France ~ 1673-1716
Priest, author, Marian devotee
Founder ~ Sisters of Divine Wisdom
FEAST DAY - April 28
'She (Mother Mary) is an echo of God, speaking and repeating only God.
If you say "Mary" she says 'God'." ~ St Louis de Montfort

St Louis de Montfort, pray for us!   
"Our body is a cenacle,
a monstrance:
through its crystal the world should see God."
St Gianna Beretta Molla
Wife, Mother, Doctor, Martyr
Italy (1922-1962)
FEAST DAY - April 28
“The life of Mamma was an act and a perennial action of faith and charity; it was a non-stop search for the will of God for every decision and for every work, with prayer and meditation, Holy Mass and the Eucharist,” explained St. Gianna’s husband to their children after her death.
St Gianna, pray for us!
 When called upon to justify his conversion,
one of Chanel's catechumens had said of him,
"He loves us. He does what he teaches.
He forgives his enemies. His teaching is good."
St Peter Chanel
Nee France ~ 1803-1841
Priest, Missionary, Protomartyr of Oceania
  Within two years after his death,
the whole island became Catholic and has remained so.
FEAST DAY - April 28
"No one is a martyr for a conclusion, no one is a martyr for an opinion;it is faith that makes martyrs"  ~ Bl John Cardinal Newman, Discourses to Mixed Congregations
St Peter Chanel, pray for us!

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