Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cherishing hope!

“A visit to the Blessed Sacrament declares at once the simple, hearty, practical belief in the real presence of Christ, a plain conviction, a meeting with God face to face.” 

- Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman (+1865)

Venerable Leo Dupont (1806 to 1876), known as the Apostle of the Holy Face, while promoting devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus likewise promoted Eucharistic Adoration just as vigorously.   In 1849 he helped set up nocturnal Eucharistic Adoration in Tours, France, and had a strong desire that this be established in every parish throughout the entire world:

“When shall we see Our Lord honored day and night
in every parish through the Catholic world?
I love to cherish the hope!”

“How short, above all, seems the Hour which
has fallen to our lot!…Some read books or simply say their rosaries,
but the greater number place themselves as suppliants at the feet
of our Lord, speak to Him, and receive good thoughts from Him;
these last find the hour exceedingly short."

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