Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Refreshment of holy souls...

 "Holy Mass is an achievement of God, wherein He places before
our view all the love He has borne us.  It is, in a certain way,
a combination of all the benefits bestowed upon us." - St Bonaventure
(Detail) The Infant Jesus Distributing Bread to Pilgrims ~ Esteban Murillo
“Grant that my soul may hunger for You, the Bread of Angels, the Refreshment of holy souls, our daily and ever-satisfying Bread, which contains all possible sweetness. Let my heart ever hunger after You and feed upon You, upon whom the angels desire to gaze, and may my whole soul be filled with Your sweetness. 

May it ever thirst for You, the Fountain of eternal light, the Torrent of pleasure, the Richness of the House of God. May it ever yearn for You, seek You, find You, stretch towards You, reach You, meditate upon You, speak of You, and do all things for the praise and glory of Your holy Name, with humility and prudence, with love and delight, with willingness, affection and perseverance.

St Bonaventure
Italy ~ 1221 - 1274
"Second Founder" of the Franciscans
Bishop, Cardinal
Doctor of the Church
FEAST DAY - July 15

 "Why then, do I not devote myself entirely to prayer, and wear myself out
trying to make Your Name known and honored, so that by converting souls,
I may gather the fruits of Your Blood?” - St Bonaventure

St Bonaventure, pray for us! 

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