Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pure Christianity

Look upon the offerings of the Church , O Lord,
as she makes her prayer to you,
and grant that, when consumed by those who believe,
they may bring ever greater holiness.  Through Christ our Lord.
- Prayer Over the Offerings (today's Liturgy)

"O priest, I need you to glorify the Father... Give me the Son and He will be enough! ... Priests are the arms of the Church, always raised to sacrifice and offer; and the entire Church must unceasingly be united with them and offer sacrifice through their consecrated hands...
The union at the altar, the union with the Sacrifice, this identification of an entire life with the Lord's ministers so that they might celebrate more worthily, is pure Christianity. It is a sublime calling—to help priests, to dedicate oneself for them. .... 
I send my Good Angel to assist all priests at the holy Altar. I send him to place my soul on every paten, to be offered there with Jesus Christ sacrificed."
Excerpts from writings of August 14, 1872...
Bl. Marie de J├ęsus Deluil-Martiny (1884+)

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