Sunday, June 25, 2017

Every Mass: three kisses...

At every Mass the priest offers three kisses...
*On first approaching the altar
*After the reading of the Gospel
*After the Concluding Rites, prior to Recessional

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 "The one who is to sing the Mass kisses the altar on first approaching it. 
He does this so that he may speak words of true peace to the people. 
And coming, he preached peace to you that were far off,
and peace to them that were nigh."~ St Albert (+1280)

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Fr Jason Schumer ~ St Louis, MO ~ USA  (Altar made by Fr Schumer's father)

"The priest kisses the sacred altar to show
that when Christ came to us, 
He joined holy Church to Himself:
as it is said in the bridal song,
Let him kiss me with the kiss of his mouth. 
And he places his hands upon the altar
to show that charity, which is denoted by the kiss,
must be supported by good works."

Bishop of Mende, France (+1296)

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Archbishop Tagle, Manila

"Those who proclaim the Gospel are lightening bolts
who shine by their good examples
and thunder with their words, and return to our Lord 
when they thank Him for the progress they make. 
And the giver of sanctity kisses the book,
that he may say with the Apostle, I am delighted 
with the law of God, according to the inward man. 
Thus ends the reading of the holy Gospel, which is 
salvation for us, and defense against the devil."

St Albert
 Dominican friar, Bishop, Doctor of the Church (+1280)

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Pope Francis, Roma

 "It is a kiss of gladness,
that he should have been granted
the honour  and happiness
of celebrating the Mass."

Bl Hyacinth Cormier (+1916)
Dominican Friar and Master-General

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Perhaps in addition to merely observing these beautiful
and symbolic kisses of the Mass, let us intentionally pray
for the priest at that time of observing...
that he may... more and more... love Jesus...
both in the holy sacrifice of the Mass
and in the words of the Gospel. Amen.

"Awesome is the altar... From this Table,
it is a spring of spiritual waters
that gushes forth." - St John Chrysostom

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