Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Satisfaction guaranteed...

My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; 
with singing lips my mouth will praise you. ~ Psalm 63:5

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"The Bread of Heaven
every taste and hunger.”

St Anthony of Padua
nee Lisbon, Portugal
Italy ~ 1195-1231
Franciscan Priest, Orator, Wonder worker
"Hammer of the Heretics"~ "Ark of the Testament"
Patron of the Poor, Patron of Lost articles
Feast Day - June 13

Painting above:  Holy Mass~ José Gallegos Arnosa

"The life of the body is the soul;
the life of the soul is God." - St Anthony of Padua

Pope Pius XII named St. Anthony a Doctor of the Universal Church, that is, one of the great Christian teachers of all time—and a renowned preacher of God’s word. In fact, Anthony was such a famous preacher that in 1228—at age 33—he was invited to preach before Pope Gregory IX. Afterwards, the pope called Anthony the “Ark of the Testament.” Anthony revealed such a grasp of God’s word that, in the eyes of the pope, he seemed to “contain” within himself the whole of Sacred Scripture.

St Anthony of Padua, pray for us!
"From Lisbon, out of Portugal ... He went to Italy ... And there confounded heretics ... And conquered heresy ... He was God's holy orator ... Who spread the gospel true ... And whose great ardor made him one ... Of His selected few ... The legends now are legion  of ... His miracles on earth ... The patron saint of barren wombs ... And those that promise birth ... He also is the patron of ... The poor and the unfed ... As hungry mouths are opened for ... St Anthony's special bread ... And many are his followers ... Who feel in heart and mind ... That any article they lose ... St Anthony will find."  ~ From Poem Portraits of the Saints - James J Metcalfe (1956) 

Have you recently invited someone to Holy Mass 
- where hunger and thirst is satisfied?   
In this month dedicated to the Sacred Heart it is fitting indeed!

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