Saturday, June 3, 2017

No identity crisis here! ....

"Guided by the Holy Spirit, the Church from the beginning
 expressed and confirmed her identity through the Eucharist."
 - Pope St John Paul II, Dominum et Vivificantem, 62

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"At the centre of the Church
is the Eucharist,
where Christ is present and active
in mankind and in the whole world
by means of the Holy Spirit."

Pope St John Paul II
L'Osservatore Romano
September 13, 1989

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 Tomorrow we joyfully celebrate: 
 Solemnity of Pentecost
Fifty days after Easter
In honor of the Holy Spirit - wear RED to holy Mass!

ORDAINED to the Holy Priesthood of Jesus Christ TODAY*
Saturday, June 3, 2017
Oh, day of all love excelling!
An Old German saying: It is worth wearing out a pair of shoes 
to walk to receive a priest's First Blessing!

Rev Mr Jose Caceres ~ Archdiocese of New Orleans (Louisiana)
Rev Mr Colm Cahill ~ Archdiocese of New Orleans
Rev Mr Alexander Guzman ~ Archdiocese of New Orleans
 Rev Mr Pedro Prada ~ Archdiocese of New Orleans
Rev Mr Jared Rodrigue ~ Archdiocese of New Orleans 
St Louis Cathedral - 10 AM Mass 
Rev Mr Nicholas Mishek ~ Diocese of Omaha (Nebraska)
Rev Mr Scott Schilmoeller ~ Diocese of Omaha
St Cecilia Cathedral ~ 10 AM Mass

Rev Mr Paul Clark ~ Diocese of Jefferson City (Missouri)
Cathedral of St Joseph - 11 AM Mass

Rev Mr Leo Blasi ~ Diocese of Salina (Kansas)
Rev Mr Ryan McCandless ~ Diocese of Salina
Rev Mr Justin Palmer~ Diocese of Salina
Sacred Heart Cathedral

Rev Mr Matthew Lyons~ Diocese of Syracuse (New York)
Holy Cross Church - 10 AM Mass

Rev. Mr. Christopher Thomas Weber ~ Diocese of Davenport (Iowa)
 Church of St. Mathias at 10 AM 

 Rev Mr Roy Ballacillo ~ Diocese of Trenton (New Jersey)
Rev Mr Thomas Barry, Jr ~ Diocese of Trenton
Rev Mr Michael Gentile, Jr ~ Diocese of Trenton
Rev Mr Michael Kennedy ~ Diocese of Trenton 
St Mary of the Assumption Cathedral - 10 AM Mass   
Rev Mr Daniel Cruz ~ Diocese of Mesa (Arizona)
Rev Mr Timothy Seavey ~ Diocese of Mesa
Brother Anthansius Fornwalt, FHS ~ Diocese of Mesa
All Saints parish - 10 AM Mass

Rev Mr Stephen Durkee ~ Diocese of Grand Rapids (Michigan)
Rev Mr Steven Geerling ~ Diocese of Grand Rapids
Rev Mr Kyle Kirkpatrick ~ Diocese of Grand Rapids
Cathedral of St Andrew - 10 AM Mass

Rev Mr Robert Agbo ~ Diocese of Buffalo (New York)
Rev Mr Martin Gallagher ~ Diocese of Buffalo
Rev Mr Luke Uebler ~ Diocese of Buffalo
Rev Mr Cole Webster ~ Diocese of Buffalo
St Joseph Cathedral - 9:30 AM Mass

Let us hold them in prayer 
and offer thanksgiving for their "Yes"!

"Your thumb and your forefinger 
have received the unction of the Holy Chrism. 
It is between the thumb and the forefinger very delicately
that you must take the wounded souls."  ~ Pere Lamy

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