Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Way of Divine Love...

"Our mission as Christians is to conform ourselves 
evermore to Jesus as the model of our lives."  - Pope Francis

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The Blessed Sacrament is the invention of love. 
It is life and fortitude for souls, a remedy for every fault,
and a viaticum for the last passage from time and eternity. 

In it sinners recover life for their souls;
tepid souls, true warmth;
 fervent souls, tranquility and satisfaction of every longing
saintly souls, wings to fly towards perfection
pure souls, sweet honey and rarest sustenance."

The Way of Divine Love, Words of Our Lord to Sr Josefa Menendez

ORDAINED to the Holy Priesthood of Jesus Christ
Saturday, June 17, 2017
Oh, day of Love Divine, all loves excelling!
An Old German saying:
It is worth wearing out a pair of shoes to walk
to receive a priest's First Blessing!

Rev Mr Peter Ascik ~ Diocese of Charlotte (North Carolina)
Rev Mr Matthew Bean ~ Diocese of Charlotte
Rev Mr Brian Becker ~ Diocese of Charlotte
Rev Mr Christopher Bond ~ Diocese of Charlotte
Rev Mr Christian Cook ~ Diocese of Charlotte
St Mark Church ~ 9:30 AM Mass

Rev Mr Derek Ducote ~ Diocese of  Alexandria (Virginia)
Rev Mr Gus "Dutch" Voltz ~ Diocese of  Alexandria
Rev Mr Daniel Hart ~ Diocese of  Alexandria
St Francis Xavier Cathedral ~ 10 AM Mass

Rev Mr Matt Schmitz ~ Diocese of  Crookston (Minnesota)
Cathedral - 10 AM Mass

Rev Mr Joseph Sanderson ~ Diocese of  Burlington (Vermont)
St Joseph Co-Cathedral 

Rev Mr John Cronin III ~ Diocese of  Albany (New York)
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception - 11 AM Mass

Rev Mr Zachary Coulter ~ Diocese of  Youngstown (Ohio)
Rev Mr Scoot Koop ~ Diocese of  Albany
St Columba Cathedral - 10:30 AM Mass

Rev Br Stephen Isley, OSA ~ Diocese of  Chicago (Illinois)
St Rita of Cascia Shrine Chapel - 4 pm Mass

Rev Br Thomas More Barba, O.P.~ Diocese of  Houston (Texas)
Dominican Friars of the Province of St Martin de Porres

Let us hold them in prayer and 
offer thanksgiving for each  'YES'!

"The work of the priest is eternal. ... There are many commendable things
many people can do - and do do... but the work of the priest is to keep people
out of hell ... and get them into heaven ... that is an eternal work. " 

 Fr.  George A. Welzbacher (class of 1951)
Archdiocese St Paul/Mpls

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