Friday, April 13, 2018

Holy paradise within grasp! ...

"The  altar reminds us of the remoteness in which He lives
"beyond the altar," as we might say, meaning divine distance
or "above the altar," meaning divine loftiness, both to be understood
of course not spatially, but spiritually." - Romano Guardini

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"Possessing this treasure of holy Mass,
hope breathes again;
and if we but throw it not away by our own mismanagement,
we have holy paradise within our grasp. 

Well may we, therefore, kiss our altars,
perfume them with incense and holy sweets;
and, what is more, honor them with the utmost reverence
and awe, since through them there cometh so much good."

St Leonard of Port Maurice 
The Hidden Treasure: Holy Mass, pg 30

Photo image:  Msgr Gilles Wach incensing altar, Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

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