Thursday, April 5, 2018

Two-pronged path... to Christ (Easter Thursday) is I myself.  Touch me and see... Luke 24:39a

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"Those who are called to recognize the risen Jesus 
do so by following the same two-pronged path:  by the sacrament of Jesus' Body 
and that of His Word, touching Jesus' Body and understanding the Scriptures.  

These two sacraments, in a mysterious way, contain the risen One 
and at the same time in every Eucharist make Him present to all who believe.

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How could we ever believe if Jesus Himself 
did not take the initiative to make it happen?  
How would we recognize Jesus in the sacrament of His Body and Blood 
if He Himself did not invite us to do this and if He did not tenderly 
wound our heart at the moment we receive Him?  
How would we find the risen One in His Word 
if He Himself did not open our mind and set our heart on fire every time 
He spoke to us through Scriptures 

In our own heart, which leaps up with joy
we recognize Jesus, the Jesus Who is risen 
and still lives, even in our midst."

Dom Andre Louf (+2010)
Abbot - 35 years  - Cistercian monastery 
of Mont-des-Cats, France

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