Saturday, April 14, 2018

Rendezvous with God...

CCC 1327. "In brief, the Eucharist is the sum and summary of our faith:
'Our way of thinking is attuned to the Eucharist,
and the Eucharist in turn confirms our way of thinking.'
(St Irenaeus, Adv. haeres.4,18, 5: PG7/l, 1028.)

"The Mass is the greatest of all love songs.  
It is our rendezvous with God, where 
He comes to us joyfully and gladly. 

What has already begun through other kinds of prayer is now brought to fulfillment at Mass.  God and humanity become one in a strange and incredible mystery that only a lover like God could conceive.  The Mass is the incarnation of His immense love, and it is also the incarnation of our response:  
God and human beings are in communion. …

I am always especially joyful when I go to Communion, cognizant of the great mystery happening there.  For me, the symbols of bread and wine dissolve and disappear into the reality of Christ’s Body and Blood.  

I receive God in a mysterious way.  He comes to me in order to be united with me.  When I receive from the chalice, it is difficult for me to let go of it.  The symbolism has vanished, and only the Blood of Christ remains.  I want to hold on to it as long as I can."

Catherine de Hueck Doherty (1896-1985)
Excerpt from Soul of My Soul: 
Reflections from a Life of Prayer (pgs 93,94)

Sometime in the month of April ...
invite someone to attend Mass with you!
What a fitting gift in this month
dedicated to the Holy Eucharist and Holy Spirit!

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