Friday, June 3, 2016

His Heart calls to ours...

His love endures forever! (cf. Ps 136

"The very core of Christianity is expressed in the heart of Jesus ... 
the Love that saves us and even now makes us live in the eternity of God (John 3:16).  
... God's heart calls to our hearts, inviting us to come out of ourselves, 
to forsake our human certainties, to trust in Him and by following His example, 
to make ourselves a gift of unbounded love."  Pope Benedict XVI

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"Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus infallibly leads souls to the Eucharist. Love for, and devotion to, the Eucharist infallibly leads souls to the mystery of God's infinite love symbolized for us by the Sacred Heart, a symbol necessary because love itself is immaterial and imperceptible: We need the sensible manifestation of the Divine Heart.

So it is that the Sacred Heart, the Holy Eucharist, and Love itself, are one and the same thing; for in the Eucharist dwells Jesus, in Jesus His Heart, and in His Heart is infinite love. The Eucharist can be explained only by love; the love of Jesus is the love of His Heart, and so the Eucharist is explained only by the Sacred Heart. Drawn close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by cords of love, we receive into our own hearts the Eucharistic Lord in Holy Communion. It is not possible to carry fire in  one's bosom and not become inflamed by it. Fire enkindles fire."

 Fr Richard Neilsen
Full text:
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"Love overcomes, love delights.
Those who love the Sacred Heart rejoice."
 St Bernadette

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“O Jesus, a soldier opened Your side with his lance, so that, through the gaping wound, we might know the charity of Your Heart, which loved us unto death, and that we might enter into Your unutterable love through the same channel by which it came to us.
Approach, then, O my soul, the Heart of Christ, that magnanimous Heart, that hidden Heart, that Heart which thinks of all things and knows all things; that loving Heart, all on fire with love. Make me understand, O Lord, that the door of Your Heart was forced open by the vehemence of Your love.
Allow me to enter into the secret of that love which was hidden from all eternity, but is now revealed by the wound in Your Heart.” -St. Bernardine of Siena

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"I am linked with Eternal Love through the Blessed Sacrament.  In His temple within me, the Saviour has revealed His goodness and kindness to me.  I have received the inestimable alms of God.  His love urges me...
So, for all mankind, I beg Your Eternal Love.  Let me pour out this Love into the hearts of all.  Let me welcome with compassion the poor, the oppressed, the rejected, those in danger, and lead them to You, the Good Shepherd.  Grant me this grace through the Blessed Sacrament, the source of Your human-divine love.
... Never have I been able to separate the devotion of the Sacred Heart from that of the Blessed Sacrament.  ... When you are appealing to His Divine Heart for a soul, He will never refuse you, although sometimes He demands much prayer, sacrifice and suffering." 

Blessed Maria Droste
Good Shepherd Sister

Our Lord made known to Bl Maria that He wanted the entire universe consecrated to His Heart and that  she was to request this of the Holy Father.  She carried out this delicate task in June, 1898, and again, on the insistence of our Lord, in January, 1899.  "My mission on earth will be completed as soon as the consecration is accomplished", she said to her confessor.  And so it was.  Shortly before her death (June 8, 1899) Bl Maria received news of the publication of the encyclical ANNUM SACRUM with the decree of consecration of the entire human race to the Sacred Heart (Pope Leo XIII) on June 11, 1899. 

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In 2002 Pope St John Paul II designated
the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
as a World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests

O Holy Mother of God,
pray for the priests your Son
has chosen to serve the Church.
Help them, by your intercession,
to be holy, zealous and chaste. 
Make them models of virtue
in the service of God's people. 
Help them be pious in meditation,
efficacious in preaching,
and zealous in the daily offering
of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 
Help them administer the Sacraments
with love and joy. 

St Charles Borremeo

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