Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mary: guide, not goal....

FEAST of the

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"Everything in Mary leads us toward her Son,
our only Savior, by whose foreseen merits she was preserved
immaculate and full of grace;
everything in Mary lifts up our hearts
to the praise of the Holy Trinity.

The Church sees Mary, then,
not as the goal, but as the guide,
who always leads souls who honor her
with true devotion – to her Son,
especially to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament."

Fr Paul Duffner, O.P.

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Immaculate Heart of Mary,
cause of our joy, lead us and pray for us!

ORDAINED to the Holy Priesthood of Jesus Christ
Saturday - June 4, 2016
Oh, day of Love Divine, all loves excelling!
An Old German saying:
It is worth wearing out a pair of shoes to walk
to receive a priest's First Blessing!

Rev Mr Robert Keller ~ Diocese of Fargo  (North Dakota) 

Rev Mr Patrick Parks ~ Diocese of Fargo
Rev Mr Steven Wirth ~ Diocese of Fargo
Bsp Folda - St Mary's Cathedral - Fargo - 10 am Mass
Rev Mr Jeffrey Baker ~ Archdiocese of Los Angeles (California) 
Rev Mr Joshua Diener ~ Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Rev Mr Luis Espinoza ~ Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Rev Mr Paolo Garcia ~ Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Rev Mr Anthony Garcias ~ Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Rev Mr Gregorio Hidalgo ~ Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Rev Mr Matthew Murphy ~ Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Rev Mr Ethan Southard ~ Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Rev Mr Albert van der Woerd ~ Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Archbsp J Gomez - Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels - LA - 10 am Mass

Rev Mr Charles Fitzpatrick ~ Diocese of Rockford (Illinois) 
Rev Mr Sean Grismer ~ Diocese of Rockford 
Rev Mr Kyle Manno ~ Diocese of Rockford 
Bsp D Malloy - Cathedral of St Peter - Rockford - 11 am Mass

Rev Mr Thomas O'Shaughnessy ~ Diocese of Savannah (Georgia) 
Rev Mr John Wright ~ Diocese of Savannah
Bsp Hartmayer - Cathedral of St John the B - Savannah - 10 am  Mass

Rev Gregg Abadilia ~ Diocese of Trenton (New Jersey) 
Rev Mr Christopher Colavito ~ Diocese of Trenton
Rev Mr Augusto Gamalo ~ Diocese of Trenton
Rev Mr Richard Osborn ~ Diocese of Trenton
Rev Mr John Patilla ~ Diocese of Trenton
Rev Mr Daniel Price~ Diocese of Trenton
Bsp O'Connell - St Mary of the Assumption Cathedral - 10 am  Mass

Rev Mr Patrick Carr ~ Archdiocese of New Orleans (Louisiana) 
Rev Mr Paul Clark ~ Archdiocese of New Orleans
Rev Mr David Ducote ~ Archdiocese of New Orleans
Rev Mr Francis Dzung ~ Archdiocese of New Orleans
Rev Mr Francis Offia ~ Archdiocese of New Orleans
Rev Mr Kenneth Smith ~ Archdiocese of New Orleans
Archbsp Aymond - St Louis Cathedral - 10 am  Mass

Rev Mr Edson Elizarraras ~ Diocese of Tucson  (Arizona) 
Bsp Kicanas - St John Neumann - Yuma - 10 am  Mass

Rev Mr Tom Cavera ~ Diocese of Grand Rapids (Michigan) 
Rev Mr Jegar Fickel ~ Diocese of Grand Rapids
Rev Mr Colin Mulhall ~ Diocese of Grand Rapids
Rev Mr Dan Schumaker ~ Diocese of Grand Rapids
Bsp Walkowiak - Cathedral of St Andrew - Grand Rapids - 10 am  Mass

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Let us hold them in prayer
and offer thanksgiving for their 'YES'!

"The priest is another Christ: Alter Christus, he is Jesus Himself;
he has the same work as Jesus to accomplish;
he must be the same." ~ Dom de Roton, OSB

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